Historical & Classical Fencing

Internationally recognized European sword instructor.

Jared teaches traditional Classical & Historical Fencing as well as Personal Defense & Knife. Come study a variety of historical European weapons or unarmed arts.

Currently the fencing instructor at SUNY Purchase, he also teaches on going classes in the Tri-State area. Mr. Kirby is the editor and one of the translators of Italian Rapier Combat, the first complete, professional translation of Capo Ferro. He wrote the introduction for, and edited The School of Fencing, one of the most popular fencing treatises of the eighteenth century, authored by Domenico Angelo and annotated by Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martínez. Most recently “The Gentleman’s Guide to Duelling” was released in February 2014 which marks Jared’s third publication.

As a Provost of Arms (assistant master) through the  Martinez Academy of Arms, Jared is a certified fencing instructor in the use of: Italian rapier, Spanish rapier, French foil, Italian foil, Italian dueling sabre, dueling sword, French small-sword, Traditional rapier, poignard, Contre-Pointe.  He is also an Expert Knife Instructor through the School of Two Swords and teaches Personal Defense classes and private lessons on a regular basis.

Ongoing classes:

Other Training Opportunities

Jared teaching a Fencing Class